Migrating Google Authenticator to New Android Phone (root required)

If both your old and new Android devices are rooted, then migrating Google Authenticator data over to your new phone should be fairly straightforward.

Install Prerequisite Apps on Both Devices

Install Titanium Backup from the Google Play Store on both the old and new devices.

Titanium by default searches for (and creates) backups into folder TitaniumBackup, usually located /storage/emulated/0/TitaniumBackup

Backup Authenticator App/Data on Old Device and Transfer to New Device

Backup Authenticator using Titanium as follows:

  1. Select “Backup/Restore”
  2. Filter the app selection by typing “Authenticator”
  3. Select the “Authenticator” app from the filtered list
  4. Click “Backup”

This triggers a backup of Authenticator. The backup consists of 3 files with prefix of com.google.android.apps.authenticator*:

The above files need to be transferred to the TitaniumBackup folder on your new device. You can do the transfer in several ways. One way would connect phones to PC USB connection.

Restore the Backup onto the New Device

Restore Authenticator backup using Titanium onto the new device as follows:

  1. Select “Backup/Restore”
  2. Locate/filter the list and click on “Authenticator x.xx”
  3. Click “Restore”
  4. Click “App+Data”

Once the restore is complete, Authenticator can be launched and should appear as it does on your old device.


The method explained in this article does not apply to only Authenticator. With a rooted device, you can migrate other apps (such as Whatsapp, Viber etc).



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