Emulating AWS S3

##sign into docker hub first
docker login
docker run -d -p 9444:9000 -v /mnt/hgfs/ninja:/home/sirius/data scireum/s3-ninja:6

Attempting to pull scireum/s3-ninja failed so after looking at the docker hub version history, the tag was modified to scireum/s3-ninja:6

The :6 is the latest tag that I found at dockerhub

Basically all object methods are supported. However no ACLs are checked. If the bucket is public, everyone can access its contents. Otherwise a valid hash has to be provided as Authorization header. The hash will be checked as expected by amazon, but no multiline-headers are supported yet. (Multi-value headers are supported).

[profile ninja]
aws_access_key_id = <access key>
aws_secret_access_key = <secret key>
region = http://localhost:9444/s3
docker exec -ti <container id> bash
cat /home/sirius/app/application.conf
# AWS access key used for authentication checks
awsAccessKey = "<>"
# AWS secret key used for authentication checks
awsSecretKey = "<>"
PS C:\> aws --endpoint-url “http://localhost:9444/s3/" --profile ninja s3 cp test.txt s3://medium-demo/test.txt

upload: .\test.txt to s3://medium-demo/test.txt
PS C:\> aws --endpoint-url “http://localhost:9444/s3/" --profile ninja s3 ls s3://medium-demo2019–10–15 11:16:31 4 test.txt



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