Corona Isolation: Staying Fit, Entertained, Skillful…and Happier

Yeh, I know. That good old routine of getting into work, grabbing your morning coffee on the way in…then, when the day is over you head home and get ready to hit the gym.

Obviously, Corona has changed the way we live our day to day lives. A once in a century event, they say. The news channels are all doom and gloom and speaking to friends over the phone or when bumping into someone whilst shopping for essentials just goes to show the hardships most of us a going through, both financially and emotionally.

Isolation is absolutely necessary and you’d be mad to risk your health and the lives of the frail by believing that it’s time for you to take a break from being locked in. I just won’t do it.

I take the isolation as an opportunity to get fitter, soak up some new skills and explore choices for entertainment.

Below are some things I’ve been up to during the isolation period.

Pick a Sport or Exercise you Enjoy

If you have some free space and your budget allows, try and get yourself a boxing bag and matching gloves. Boxing is an awesome sport that requires a great level of skill while at the same time keeping you fit (as well as giving you the chance to vent).

Start by learning the punch numbering system and getting your stance right:

You can then get onto Youtube and train along with some heavy bag workout videos, such as:

The aim is not to necessarily become a professional boxer. I take it as an opportunity to stay fit in a fun way.

Use a Live TV Streaming App to Spice up Your Entertainment Options

Mobdro is an app for Android devices that allows you to do just that. It provides access to some pretty awesome streaming content

Installing Mobdro (Android TV/Phone)

  • Install the APK (App)

Using your device’s file manager, browse to the location where the app was downloaded to.

Click on the APK and follow the prompts to install onto your device

  • Launch the App and enjoy the content

Start Writing and Interacting via Online Knowledge Sharing Forums and Social Media Channels

Sign up for a free online course. Some sites/organisations will issue you a course completion certificate at a reasonable price, which can add arsenal to your existing resume.

One example is

Get Some Fresh Air and Absorb Some Sunshine

None of us strive to be ignorant, but being isolated under the current circumstances has the potential to plunge us into a depression.

Watch the news, but I limit to watching it once a day just to ensure I’m up to date on the latest social distancing updates and announcements re the virus.

Having a Live Corona Virus news channel churning all day long won’t do any good for mental health. You might end up more up to date than anyone else on the virus status and figures, but you might also find yourself anxious and depressed.

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Learner. Interests include Cloud and Devops technologies.

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